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Stress, Meltdowns & Grounding

Webinar for Parents of Children With Neuropsychiatric Symptoms  


Parents of children with neuropsychiatric symptoms struggle with how to help them attain self-regulation and overall wellbeing. One of the most useful steps parents can take is to provide their children with an understanding of how the brain and nervous system work. 


This type of information is defined as psychoeducation. Age-appropriate psychoeducation helps children regain a sense of control when they experience symptoms that make them feel they are at the mercy of emotions they can’t control that are rooted in a hyper nervous system.


This webinar will provide parents and caregivers with information essential to understanding how stress affects children with neuropsychiatric symptoms and their families, and describe a roadmap of six stages for moving beyond the cyclic effects of nervous system hyper-activation. 


Numerous studies and reports confirm the value of psychoeducation, on clients who suffer from an over-active nervous system.  Similarly, a grasp of this key information about how the brain reacts to stress can help children, parents, and caregivers make sense of reactions that otherwise seem overwhelming.  


In addition to showing parents how to give their children an understanding of brain mechanisms, the webinar will introduce grounding activities to help children break the cycle of nervous system activation and facilitate (sensory and bi-lateral integration) grounding.

Objectives of the webinar:

  •  Provide up-to-date information on how stress affects the nervous system including brain functioning, sensory processing, self- regulation, and capacity to differentiate past and present, and how to use this knowledge in day-to-day routines;

  • Understand how anxiety is linked to meltdowns, attention deficits, school refusal, etc. 

  • Provide basic tools for calming children when they are experiencing hyper-nervous system activation (meltdowns).


Target audience

Parents and adult family members of children who experience anxiety, depression, selective eating and sensory processing difficulties and suffer from PANS/PANDAS/AE, Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), conduct disorder, and Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD), etc.





























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