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Self Compassion for Parents of Children with Special Needs   

Fourth in a Series

This is a webinar for parents of children with special needs (neurotypical and neurodivergent),  who are struggling with managing the stress and complex impact of raising a child with special needs.


The content is especially relevant for parents who find themselves or other family members stuck in self-criticism and feelings of not being “good enough”, or struggling with a sense of guilt and shame. 

This 75 min webinar will provide parents and caregivers with information essential to understanding what is self-compassion, its essential role in family life, coping with stress, enduring pain, and experiencing joy.

Objectives of the webinar:

1.  Provide basic information about self-compassion.

2.  Provide information on the impact of self-criticism on our nervous system.

3.  Follow a step-by-step exercise on how to establish a practice of self-compassion for yourself.

4. Learn how to introduce your child to the practice of self-compassion. 

5. Review self-compassion from the context of self/family-sustainability.



Make sure you have at hand a notepad, several print papers (A4),  and pencil/pens and some crayons or markers.


Target audience

Parents, caregivers, and family members of children and family members with special needs.


Cost: Click on the $ sign above to complete the purchase.

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