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PANDAS parents

Are you a parent of a PANDAS/PANS/AE child and struggling to maintain stability?


One of the things happening for PANDAS kids is that the flares and symptoms are unpredictable.  Everyone is on edge about the possible next flare. Even when things are stable, there’s underlying anxiety from the unknown.   

This instinctive protective stress response is common both to PANDAS kids, parents, and siblings.

The stress and trauma caused by PANDAS is complex and it affects all aspects of wellness (emotional, cognitive, physical, spiritual, and social). Therefore, the response should be comprehensive and address all aspects of wellness.

Many parents spend a lot of time and resources pursuing several modalities of therapy.  That may help for a while but often, it doesn't bring stability. There is a right time and a wrong time for each kind of intervention and it's important to choose the modality being used at any given time accordingly.  Even when the timing is right, no single modality alone can bring much-needed stability. All aspects of wellness need to be considered at the same time, all the time. (emotional, cognitive, physical, spiritual, and social).

It is just as important that PANDAS parents and families also address the toll of the stress and trauma that they are facing as a consequence of PANDAS.


This 75-minute webinar will review information essential in designing such an intervention plan. Topics covered will include:

1.  Critical information about stress and the brain and how this affects PANDAS kids’ ability to self-regulate emotions.

2.  Responding appropriately to flare behaviors. What can we realistically expect?  What should we do or not do as parents in these times?

3.  Self-regulation in times of routine.   

4.  What elements should therapy include for a child and family facing the debilitating impact of PANS/PANDAS/AE.

5.  PTSD in parents and families of PANDAS kids.  This is a poorly recognized aspect of PANDAS.  It's important for parents to have good information about it and to establish a sustainability plan.

Target audience

Parents and adult family members of children with PANS/PANDAS/AE.



Dr. Odelya Gertel Kraybill PhD, LCPC, a trauma researcher and psychotherapist, and PANDAS mom. Many of her clients are PANDAS families. She has made it a mission to help PANDAS parents to get valuable information about PANDAS interventions and to help bring knowledge of PANDAS/PANS/AE into mainstream awareness.

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