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Medical Intervention for PANDAS

Medical Intervention for PANDAS

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For medical inquiries please write Dr. Shafrir:

Are you a parent of a child with PANDAS/PANS/AE?

Parents of children with PANDAS/PANS/AE face many challenging questions.  They must make decisions about treatment for a disorder that few medical professionals understand.   In this webinar, an esteemed and highly qualified pediatric neurologist who specializes in PANDAS will speak to parents about developing an intervention plan for their child.   

This 90-minute webinar will review information essential to understanding medical intervention to PANDAS/PANS/AE:

  • What interventions are needed and in what order?

  • How do interventions close to the onset of a diagnosis differ from those many years later?

  • When and how can we know that a given treatment is not a good fit? After 2 months? 6 months?

  • Why is it important to treat the immune system? What are the treatments?

  • What treatments should be avoided and why?  

  • What to do in times of flares?

  • Why should parents see a neurologist and not a psychiatrist?

  • What can be harmful to PANDAS children from the integrative medicine world? 

  • What can be beneficial to PANDAS from the integrative world?

  • When is it not PANS/PANDAS. How to avoid a wrong diagnosis?


Everyone is welcome but the focus will be parents and adult family members of children with PANS/PANDAS/AE.

Donations: Please send donations via VENMO or PAYPAL.
All Donations will go to a family in need who have been deeply affected by PANDAS.

About the presenter and the host of the webinar

Dr. Yuval Shafrir is a medical doctor and neurologist in Bethesda, Maryland. He graduated Magna cum Laude at the top of his class in 1983 from the Sackler Medical School at Tel Aviv University.  He is board certified by The American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry Neurology, with Special Qualification in Child Neurology and the American Board of Clinical Neurophysiology.  
He has practiced and taught at several hospitals and medical schools in the US.
As a pediatric neurologist, he has several decades of experience working with PANDAS patients and is beloved by PANDAS networks in Maryland for tenacious advocacy on behalf of patients with PANS/PANDAS taking on insurance companies and their cronies.  PANDAS/PANS/AE and other immunologically based neurological and behavioral disorders are now the primary focus of his private practice.  
Licensed to practice in Washington DC, Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota, Dr. Shafrir cooperates with many other doctors and specialists in the US and abroad.

Click here to read Dr. Shafrir's full CV.

The host of the webinar will be Dr. Odelya Gertel Kraybill PhD, LCPC, a trauma researcher and psychotherapist, and PANDAS mom. Many of her clients are PANDAS families. She has made it a mission to help PANDAS parents to get valuable information about PANDAS interventions and to help bring knowledge of PANDAS/PANS/AE into mainstream awareness.

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