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Get Help in Designing a Sustainability Plan  

In response to ongoing requests from readers I now offer online video consultations

Many clients and their families reach a point when they feel lost and overwhelmed.  Typically this comes after they have talked with several caregivers and received differing evaluations of the symptoms they are experiencing and do not know what to do next.  Feeling stuck is especially likely when clients face multiple diagnosis and/or a complex set of symptoms.  Typically these are behavioral and social difficulties rooted in trauma, especially developmental and complex trauma. Inflammation and underlining infections are often a key cause for mental health symptoms, especially for neurotypical children and teens that experience a sudden or gradual appearance of symptoms. This consultation process is for those facing difficult choices or discouragement who seek a comprehensive approach for sustainability. Read more about Self Sustainability Plan.

For people in this situation, I provide consultation face-to-face and online (via Zoom) to help clients design and implement a plan that you can sustain with the resources available to you in your location.  A key outcome is the creation of an Individualized Sustainability Plan to support you in the journey towards long-term sustainability.   

To Initiate the Consultation Process


This process begins with you filling out a detailed intake questionnaire.  I review this carefully to confirm that it is a good fit for consultation.  If so, we schedule the first consultation.  This is an intake information session. In this session I provide information about the sustainability plan process, we discuss objectives, and decide what is the best way to proceed. In some cases this initial consultation session provides enough information for you to continue on your own with designing your sustainability plan. Often, clients wish to continue working with me for a while longer until they feel they have enough information, tools and a framework to continue on their own.

Although each client is different, the most common format is 6 sessions over a period of three months. Some clients continue with some or ongoing monthly consultation sessions until they are ready to continue without my assistance. 

In the consultation sessions, we create a timeline of your experiences, assess vulnerabilities, review what has worked so far and what has not, develop a catalog of resources available to you, and in light of all these,  devise a coherent strategy.

Between sessions, you implement the steps that we've created for your sustainability plan and monitor what is going well and not so well.   I follow up with other professionals as needed or investigate resources that might be beneficial to your sustainability plan and overall wellness. These may include contacting other clinicians or resource providers (doctors, therapists, teachers, etc.).

ISP consultation does not replace therapy but complements it. In this process, we investigate together ​different avenues that were and were not visited in the process of trauma integration. We work together to find the best combination for you to address all aspects of wellness (emotional, cognitive, physical, social and spiritual).

For more information or to request the intake questionnaire, please send me an email address in the form below.​


This consultation is particularly useful for individuals (or their family members) who face:

  • Multiple diagnoses

  • Stress, trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD

  • Developmental trauma (eating disorders, personality disorders, addictions)

  • Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) (eating disorders, personality disorders, addictions)

  • Adoptees and adoptive parents who experience multiple challenges 

  • Somatic components of stress and trauma

  • PANDAS/PANS Neuroinflammation Challenges (ODD, OCD, ADHD, ASD, sensory integration).

  • Caregiver Stress (burnout and PTSD).

Consultations sessions are not therapy and therefore are not covered by insurance.

Free Resources

Because I understand that private sessions are not affordable for everyone, I work hard to research and write informative blogs that are available to everyone. I also make a point to respond to everyone who writes me, as soon as I can. 

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