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Neurodivergent Parenting Support Group

Registration Now Open 
Group Begins September 2024

If you've navigated your way to this page, it's likely because you are deeply concerned about your child or feel at a loss due to the toll of neurodivergent parenting. Odds are there is a child in your life suffering from anxiety, depression, selective eating, sensory processing difficulties, or diagnosed with PANS/PANDAS/AE, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), Conduct Disorder (CD), Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD), Reactive Attachment Disorder, etc.

Maybe you are already in that group of families who have tried a long list of recommended therapies and found that, for the most part, it was not helpful enough, at least not for long.

If the above describes you, I have a clue about how you feel.  

Parenting is especially difficult when a neurodivergent child experiences symptoms of an overactive nervous system that get labeled as “behavioral issues” or “psychiatric disorders.”

Since 2016 I have worked with PANDAS/PANS families with the most complex circumstances.

In 2018, my own family joined the PANS journey with what appears as a second onset.


I often hear how difficult it is to parent a neurodivergent child. Most people who do not have a close interaction with a neurodivergent child do not understand the toll it takes for the parents, siblings, and the neurodivergent child to live with the daily impact of any one of these diagnoses. 

I do not have simple or easy answers, but I have insights from years of the journey with my family and clients. 


PANDAS/PANS/AE is often the root cause of most mental health symptoms among children and is usually missed or undiagnosed. Often, it takes years to get a proper diagnosis, and by then, the condition becomes chronic, and the family/individual experiences symptoms of complex PTSD and burnout.

Since PANDAS/PANS/AE is complex, it requires a comprehensive intervention that targets all aspects of wellness (physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual). 

My clinic is small and can't accommodate the growing need for parental guidance. I have created this program precisely for that - helping you get informed and gain enough support to tailor an intervention plan that is comprehensive enough and fits your unique context.

​In this four-month membership program, parents of neurodivergent children will have access to the recordings of the ETI Parental Series and monthly live sessions with me, where I will be available to answer questions related to the topic of the month. At the end of this program, you will know what needs to be included in your child's intervention plan and in what order.


The live sessions are 90 minutes in length, and we meet for monthly Zoom sessions that will take place on Sunday mornings EST. In addition, you will join a WhatsApp group that I moderate with daily communication with group members.

This group is limited in size, so over four months, we will be able to learn from one another, share info, get support, and tailor an all-wellness intervention plan for our PANDAS, ourselves, and the entire family.
Participation requires a 4-month commitment for this series.






What are the main objectives of this program:

1.  Get access to ETI parents webinar series (5 hours of recorded webinars worth $220).

  • Neurodivergent Parenting with emphasis on PANDAS/PANS/AE as the root cause

  • Meltdowns, Stress, and Grounding

  • Food & Mood, Inflammation & Immunity

  • Self Compassion for Neurodivergent Parents & Children.

   At your own pace, you will view a video that will introduce you to each monthly meeting topic, in addition to other topics that will be covered.

2. Learn what needs to be included in a therapeutic intervention plan.

3. Learn how to respond to meltdowns.

4. Learn the key points on the link of food-mood (gut-brain) in the healing process.

5. Learn about neuropsych evaluation and when and when not to rely on them in the PANDAS/PANS/AE intervention process.

6. Learn about sustainability plans.  Parents of a child, especially with PANDAS/PANS, lead to burnout and complex PTSD; what is the difference between PTSD and complex PTSD.

6. Learn how to utilize self-compassion in your day-to-day life as an antidote for child/parental/family complex PTSD and burnout.

7. Have access to a live WhatsApp group that is facilitated by Dr. Gertel Kraybill and will provide ongoing responses to questions by the facilitator and other parents.

8. Use the support and learn from the experience of other parents that are dealing with similar issues through the WhatsApp group. 


Live* 90 minutes monthly Zoom sessions will focus on Q&A and additional needed information that will come up following daily WhatsApp group interaction.

Sundays 09:30-11:00 EST 

July 17th

Aug 21st 

Sep 18th

Oct 23rd

*A recording will be sent after the sessions. 

Target audience

Parents of children of all ages who suffer from anxiety, depression, selective eating, sensory processing difficulties, or diagnosed with PANS/PANDAS/AE, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), Conduct Disorder (CD), Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD), Reactive Attachment Disorder, etc.



$250 a month. There’s a 4-month commitment for this series.

Spaces are limited

About the presenter and group moderator

Dr. Odelya Gertel Kraybill Ph.D., LCPC, a trauma researcher, psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and PANDAS/PANS/AE mom. Most of her clients are PANDAS/PANS/AE families who have tried many different modalities and found it beneficial to use the ETI all-wellness approach for their child and the entire family. She has made it a mission to help neurodivergent parents get valuable information about PANDAS and help bring knowledge of PANDAS into mainstream awareness. She is the Expressive Trauma Integration (ETI) Founder




How will I access the live sessions?

-An email with a Zoom link to access the monthly sessions will be sent a few days prior to the session.


What happens if I miss a live session

-If you have missed a live session, a link with the recording will be sent to you up to a week after the live session. You will have a month to watch that session.


How do I have access to the ongoing WhatsApp group?

-Access to weekly communication will be available via an invitation to your cell phone number (you will need to download WhatsApp FREE application).

Instruction to access Parenting Series videos:

Once you complete purchase, or when you are ready to view the videos, click on this link and scroll down to the page where it says "already a particiapant? - Login 

Log-in with your member login info.

In your member area you will have unlimited access to the videos. 


What is the monthly fee?

The monthly fee is $250 with a commitment for the entire program (4 months).

Click to join
Click to join
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