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"I warmly express gratitude to Dr. Odelya Gertel Kraybill, for being selfless and generous in sharing her expertise personally to me as to other techniques I can use in dealing with clients who experienced trauma. Recently I provided such interventions from Dr. Kraybill upcoming book, to a group of hospital personnel who were on duty when an unexpected, yet isolated incident happened during their tour of duty. I particularly used grounding and mindfulness activities, relaxation , safe-space, self-hug and utilized also the "resource box" to usher them to a realization of and further strengthen their support system. They all expressed so much relief after the session and was affirmed of some coping techniques they are already doing.. 

Being on this field of helping people in crisis, for 29 years, I am really thankful that I continue to learn from Dr. Odelya".

Thelma Singson - Barrera, RN MHPNS V

Mental Health & Psychosocial Support Program Director

ETI Master trainer Philippines 

"Longer and more please."

Participant in ETI intensive training



"Odelya is wonderful!"

Participant in ETI intensive training



"Very inspiring. Thank-you!"

Participant in ETI intensive training 



"One of my favorite workshops was Psycho-education in trauma and expressive therapies with Odelya Kraybill, PhD. I wish this training had gone longer. There was so much rich material and she was a fabulous educator."

Participant in ETI training



"Experiential Psychoeducation with Trauma Survivors (Dr. Odeyla Kraybel) was like no other class I have attended before. The experiential aspect really highlighted how we experience trauma. She was so easy to listen to."

Participant in ETI training


"If I were to sum up the Expressive Trauma Integration course into one question it would be.... How does it feel in our body? This past week my coursemates and I have been pushed out of our comfort zones into our bodies. Yes, our bodies. Most of our learning took place through movement and deeply attuning to where our emotions, stories and trauma were situated in our bodies.
Personally I was struck by self-care being reframed as sustainability. We explored what we needed to remain healthy and compassionate people who provided psychosocial support to others.
Each day we learned new ways of grounding and processing own experience through our bodies. Each day we shared and witnessed parts of our own pain and that of each other.
Each day Odelya entered class not only prepared to teach but to create a holding environment. A safe place where we were invited to participate and were always welcome to pass.
Each day she created a space where 24 people could entered with their fears and trauma and not be overwhelmed by them but learn using them. That is an extraordinary task. We are so incredibly thankful your Expressive Trauma Integration teachings, wisdom and ability to hold us throughout the week."

Participant in ETI intensive training 


"It was wonderful!! Thank you so much for the resources and training! I thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Participant in ETI Series I workshop 

"Excellent. Great facilitation, experiential, discussion, and collaboration."

Participant in ETI Series I workshop 

"Odeyla was an excellent trainer. I appreciated gaining a better understanding of the particular challenges of working with clients immediately after a critical incident. I feel much better prepared!" 
Tory Joseph MEd LCPC Participant in ETI Series I workshop 

"The workshop was amazing. The experiential activities keep things engaging. I used the Squared Breathing technique to assist clients in a mindfulness activity and even used some of the grounding exercises. It was an extremely useful workshop. I am definitely going to take some more to build on the techniques and understanding until I have integrated them into everyday practice."

Leah Reed LCPC Participant in ETI Series I workshop 

"I greatly enjoyed the workshop. I thought the leader was knowledgeable and adept. The training was experiential and diverse."

Participant in ETI Series I workshop 

"Loved this workshop. It was a great intro into expressive therapy techniques for treatment of trauma. Loved EVERY activity and will use them carefully in my practice.

Participant in ETI Series I workshop 

"Odelya is a serious student of trauma and the many ways to help clients heal from their traumatic experiences. Her creative and sensitive way of being with clients comes through loudly in her teaching. The activities that she uses can fit with a wide-range of client presentations and can help change clients' awareness of their bodies and the places/ways they are carrying trauma. I felt that I learned a great deal and was so happy that I attended this workshop. I am glad that I will be doing future ones as well!"

Liz Rose Witmer PhD Participant in ETI Series I workshop 3

"Odelya has an amazing ability to create group cohesion in a small amount of time that facilitates learning and growth for clinicians. She bounces expertly between lecture and activities that involve movement and social engagement. This increases participants' ability to integrate all that they are learning. She clearly cares deeply about her clients and helps clinicians to learn concrete skills to educate their clients and move them forward in their trauma treatment. Just an incredible experience."

Liz Rose Witmer PhD Participant in ETI Series I workshop 4

"This workshop has opened my eyes to many new ways of working with clients."

Tory Joseph MeD, LCPC

"The Expressive Trauma Integration series I provides a unique opportunity to learn both a sophisticated framework for trauma work and to gain direct, experiential familiarity with practical expressive tools that can be taken directly back to work with clients. After each training, I’ve returned to my clinical work and used specific experiential prompts and processes to support a wide range of clients with different aspects of the trauma recovery processes.  Drawing on the ETI training, I find myself able to identify more precisely what types of experiential approaches might fit where my client is in their trauma integration journey – and to offer tailored, experiential expressive approaches that support clients experience more movement, perspective, and felt sense of reconnecting with their resources within … in short, to aid clients in the their trauma journey with greater integration.


For instance, for one client, we’ve now incorporated ball tossing as away to encourage a combination of spontaneity, movement, and bilateral regulation; the client now begins sessions with a brighter affect, and a wider window of tolerance for engaging in other ways to work through – and experience transformation of – deeply held patterns of helplessness and collapse.  For another client, this past week I supported one client to engage in a trauma narrative processing cartooning approach – with amplification using found object to represent and gain additional perspective on her experience. Nodding, and breathing deeply, the client observed “this really does make sense – I see how small I felt in that moment, and now I can look from a perspective that let’s me see and feel myself taking up space.”  These are just two of dozens of concrete applications of tools and approaches gained through ETI training


As or more important, I also want to highlight that Odelya’s ETI trainings practice what they preach.  As a clinician, I’ve found that each training day has been filled with extra-ordinarily well-sequenced set of experiential activities that enable not only learning of the material from the inside out – but also an embodied sense of greater regulation and renewal for myself as a clinician (in ways that parallel what we are seeking to support in our clients).   


This is a workshop, taken individual or as a series, that provides deep energetic as well as clinical resources for clinicians.  I highly recommend it for other practitioners looking to deepen approaches that provide practical, nuanced approaches to integrating expressive modalities in trauma work with client."

Participant in ETI Series I workshop

Trauma therapist for survivors of gender-based violence 

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