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PANDAS/PANS Sustainability Plan

In this process of healing from PANDAS/PANS you may experience short-term improvement, only to find the benefits fading or their interest flagging in a few months.  

This series of consultations is for those facing difficult choices or discouragement who seek a comprehensive approach to sustainability.  


This series includes eight consultation sessions for parents who are trauma survivors, and clients who are suffering from burnout, and complex mental health symptoms and have tried some or many modalities and therapies and were not able to get better, or find a way to self-sustain.


In the consultation sessions, we create a timeline of your experiences, review your resources and vulnerabilities, examine what has worked so far and what has not, and create a catalog of available resources.


The first session is an intake session to see if this format is a good fit for you. Each following session focuses on one aspect of wellness. Between sessions, you use worksheets to reflect on your experience with the current topic.

Some consultees find that monthly sessions for a few months are sufficient to help them move on without further support. Others schedule weekly or bi-monthly consultations that focus on self-regulation. *I provide self-regulation consultations only to clients who have finished the ISP consultation series. 


Between sessions, you implement the steps we've created for your sustainability plan and monitor what is going well and not so well.   I investigate resources that might be beneficial to your sustainability plan and overall wellness. These may include contacting other clinicians or resource providers (doctors, therapists, teachers, etc.).


ISP consultation does not replace therapy but complements it. In this process, we investigate together the various pathways available for trauma integration. We work together to find the best combination for you to address all aspects of wellness.

Contact below for more information or to request the intake questionnaire.


Target audience

Parents and adult family members of children with PANS/PANDAS/AE.

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