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ETI Online Clinician Cohorts

Looking to expand clinical skills for work with trauma survivors?
Want to be on the cutting-edge of the trauma therapy field?


ETI cohorts are for you. 

Trauma is one of the most common injuries that brings clients to seek therapy and it is also one of the most difficult to treat.  Clients often seem to make good progress, then encounter sharp relapses or long plateaus. 

The cutting-edge of health and wellness, including trauma therapy, has beyond single modality approaches to treatment towards integrative approaches that target all aspects of wellness.  Fully convinced of the benefits of this, Expressive Trauma Integration brings a comprehensive, all-wellness approach to trauma therapy. 

This six-session cohort is for caregivers who have experienced the challenges of working with traumatized clients and seek additional knowledge, guidance, and support in their clinical work.

Before each session, I will send you a short essay/blog that covers the theme of the upcoming session. In the sessions, we will discuss how to apply tools on that theme.  


The themes cover various aspects of the Expressive Trauma Integration Framework, an all-wellness approach to therapy:

  • Experiential Psychoeducation: Trauma and the Brain

  • Expressive Trauma Integration Roadmap

  • Secure Attunement Framework with Children and Adults 

  • Experiential Self-Regulation

  • Resilience Awareness and Post-Traumatic Growth

  • Managing Routines with an Individualized Sustainability Plan (ISP)






Target audience:

Mental health counselors, social workers, psychotherapists, psychologists and other clinicians working with trauma survivors. 


High-speed internet connection and download in advance of the free webinar application.​


$600 for six one hour sessions, payable in advance, or in monthly installments ($100 for 6 months).

Limited to 5 participants.

No Refunds.


Group I - Wednesdays 1:00-2:00pm EST

No Availablity 

Group II - Wednesdays 1:00-2:00pm EST

No Availability  

Please contact me if you are interested in new dates 


What is included in this series?
This series is set up to provide input on the Expressive Trauma Integration framework.  See the next item in this FAQ for a description of the format of each session.

In addition to the monthly online cohort meeting, participants will have an opportunity, if they wish, to participate in a weekly online text-based discussion at an agreed time for purposes of further reflection or brainstorming.

  • Session One - Learning a simple "language" about trauma and the brain for use with clients; this helps clients to become trauma-informed and expands their ability to recognize and respond constructively to trauma symptoms.

  • Second Two - Review the Expressive Trauma Integration Roadmap and learn how to incorporate it into clinical work.

  • Session Three - Two case presentations on how to use a secure attunement framework.  One case will be a child client and one an adult client.

  • Session Four - Key concepts of self-regulation, including exercises presented experientially that therapists can use with clients to facilitate self-regulation.  

  • Session Five - Resilience and post-traumatic growth and how they relate to trauma processing.

  • Session Six - Setting up routines and a sustainability plan to support long-term stability. 

What will take place in each online meeting?

Each session will involve a short presentation on the designated theme, followed by a discussion about the application. 

Do I need to be an artist or expressive or movement therapist to participate in this cohort?

No. The cohorts series is not oriented towards any one modality.  It is designed to introduce you to a comprehensive, all-wellness framework as a new approach for trauma therapy (rather than modality based ones). We will discuss what needs to take place when working with trauma survivors, the do's and don'ts. Since every trauma survivor is different, we encourage thinking "outside of the box" and drawing from a variety of approaches.  

What if I miss a meeting?

You will be missed. We will do our best to communicate to you what you missed, and you can join the group weekly correspondence at the agreed time.

You are responsible for payment for all sessions even if circumstances do not allow your participation. 

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