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This video has been deleted.
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A critical goal for public planners and mental health professionals in this time must be to enable as many people as possible to pass through inescapable trauma without developing PTSD. It's hard to cope with trauma, but far worse to live with a long-lasting, highly debilitating PTSD. In this excerpt from a longer presentation, trauma specialist Dr. Odelya Gertel Kraybill says we can't avoid the impact of widespread trauma but we can take steps to reduce the likelihood of developing PTSD. A comprehensive approach is essential, with special attention to self-regulation. She lays out an all-wellness approach, guided in the application by a "pyramid of self-care" and "weaving webs of sustainability" to guide the planning of a response.

In this 45 min presentation, you will get an introduction to the core aspects of the Expressive Trauma Integration Sustainability-Plan with adaptation to the COVID19 era. Session was recorded in April 2020

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