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Revised - Links between Stress & Trauma and Nutrition

As a trauma survivor and trauma therapist I have learned to pay a lot of attention to diet as part of a strategy to alleviate accumulative stress and trauma symptoms. My experience is that this really helps with variety of symptoms.

A few links for some interesting resources I came across in the past days: Recently a study by Karestan Koenen, an epidemiology professor at Columbia University’s School of Public Health found that women with PTSD symptoms had double the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Another article from 2012 found that “People who ate sufficient essential omega 3 immediately after a traumatic event showed lower rates of PTSD”.

Here is an interesting blog post about sugar, carbs and constant craving.

Lastly, a post by the wonderful Chris Kresser about the linkage of chronic stress and cortisol resistance to modern diseases.

Experience has taught me to include modification of diet as part of a self-care plan for addressing stress and trauma. Data, studies, or personal experiences from readers regarding this convergence would be welcome.

I'd love to hear from people interested in collaborating in efforts to do empirical pilot study on this.

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