Expressive Trauma Integration™ (ETI) is an integrative framework that draws on recent research and practice from the fields of neuroscience, attachment and developmental psychology, expressive therapies, experiential and body-oriented therapies, cognitive reframing, behavioral modifications, mindfulness, and nutritional psychology.

ETI approach is modular and can be adapted to a range of settings in the form of lectures, classes, workshops, and webinars.

Dr. Odelya Gertel Kraybill is invited nationally and internationally to present, lecture, and consult  about trauma-related topics such as:

  • Introduction to trauma therapy - integrative approaches to trauma therapy - individuals, groups, and communities exposed to trauma

  • Developmental trauma - secure attunement framework 

  • Expressive Trauma Integration - theory and practice 

  • Expressive arts in clinical settings

  • Expressive psychosocial support and psychological first aid

  • Transgenerational Aspects of Resiliency and post-traumatic growth as a core for trauma processing

  • Individualized sustainability plan (ISP) and Inflammation, underlying infections, and mental health symptoms 

  • Experiential self-regulation in trauma therapy

  • Secondary trauma and compassion fatigue - how to care for oneself when caring for others

  • Action methods mindful practice for trauma survivors

  • Trauma and the brain 1-2-3 - experiential psychoeducation 

  • Trauma and sexual, domestic and gender-based violence 

  • Trauma and conflict transformation 

  • Incorporating self-compassion, mindlessness (spontaneity) and mindfulness in trauma therapy  




ETI Series I

Self-Regulation Series 

Trauma Processing Series 










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